"Through considered actions, in created environments and with a camera always at the ready i love to shoot in the moment, capturing the natural and unplanable, and I include a twist and a giggle whenever apropriate."

Growing up around his Father’s darkroom, he was seduced by its magic and captivated by the romance of black and white imagery, Ben was only ever going to be a photographer from the moment his father placed a box brownie in his five year-old hands.

Ever since then, photography has been the one constant in Ben’s life. At eight he was developing his own black and white shots, at 14 he left home and school, at 16 he was turning tricks and assisting a london photographer, turning 18 he was paid for his first picture and by the time he was 20 he was scratching a living.

A few years later he opened his own studio, learning the intricate challenges of lighting and composition in this controlled environment while discovering and developing his uncanny ability to uncover the true character of his subjects.

Then craving experience and adventure outside of the studio, he left for California, New York and Oman. This period, working through such a vast spectrum of light conditions rarely found in the UK, developed Ben’s innate ability to shoot outdoors, manipulating available and artificial light to achieve desired results, both natural and surreal.

Ten years ago Ben returned to London where he amalgamated these remarkable location shooting abilities with his already strong studio skills and, adding his own dose of easygoing charm and understanding of how to make anyone, client or a subject, feel instantly at home in his studio or in front of his lens, began taking on advertising work for major clients.

Ben now shoots all over the world, based between London, Ibiza, South Africa and the USA.